As a design and construction company, we work closely as a team to provide our clients with comfort in knowing that their project is being looked after from beginning to end by one professional team. Taking away the stress of searching for multiple companies. The unique design from our architecture team will be constructed efficiently to turn your vision into a reality.


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Shop Fitting.

Every business, and every client is unique. Whether it’s a small family owned business, franchise store, or a national retail chain. We recognise the importance of providing a service that is tailored to suit your needs, your schedule, and your budget. 



Commercial Kitchens.

Our team will work with your space limitations to maximise efficiency and safety, planning for a well-designed kitchen that allows production to flow.

  • Provide on-site inspection and consultation

  • Work out your service requirements

  • Provide help designing your food storage, preparation and cooking areas for greatest efficiency

  • Provide complete shop drawings and plans

  • Project manage installation and fitout

  • Create an individual solution tailored to your operations.

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We can help you get your construction documentation prepared and approved. 

  • Development Application

  • Complying Development Certificate

  • Construction Certificate

  • Occupation Certificate

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For many home owners and business owners renovations can be a stressful time. However, AGC Interior provides the expertise to eliminate the stress factor by designing and constructing a space that will satisfy your every requirement. Our mission is to meet your needs.